10 Things to Remember

1) Don’t Forget About Yourself!

This is probably one of the most important pieces of advice I can offer any mom, especially a twin mom.  During the first few months you are literally in survival mode. You need your sleep, but at the same time you haven’t taken a shower in a more than day and your starving because you haven’t been able to eat or drink or  use the bathroom trying to take care of your new bundles of joy.  STOP!!! There is only one mommy and its Y-O-U. In order to take care of your babies to the best of your ability YOU need to be in great health. In order to avoid complications when you need to use the restroom do so. Same goes for any of your other physical needs. I’m not saying its easy, but even if you have to set the babies down in their cribs, bouncers or swings just to heat up some food or pour a beverage do so (well until you learn how to do this while holding them 🙂 ). Nourishment is priority, especially if you are nursing.  If you are as fortunate as I am, you can ask the more the willing grandparents, aunts, uncles and/or friends to come over and give you a breather.  Once they get older, taking time for yourself will  become easier. Just think your one step closer to that over due spa day 🙂

2) Ask for help!

Another very VERY important piece of advice. If your not already, you will become a multitasking pro. You have learned to pour yourself a drink, balance a plate, talk on the phone all while holding those two bouncing babies but even superwoman needs assistance sometimes.  DON’T OVERDO IT! Learn to ask for help and even more importantly ACCEPT help. Women by nature are nurturing and with that we feel that we can do everything, seldomly seeking the help of others, but as a mom of twins learn your limits. Don’t wait until your ready to explode to ask for help. Babies can sense your mood and just like we hate crabby babies, same goes for babies and crabby mama’s.

3) They’re Going to Cry 🙁

Babies cry when they are hungry, cold, hot, wet, tired, itchy, uncomfortable, want to be held, you name it, they cry and you have the luxury of hearing TWO babies!!!! This can drive you insane if you let it. I had to learn early that just because I let them cry for a minute or two I’m not committing a crime.  As long as you place them in a safe place and all of their needs are met they will be just fine. Once you get to know their individual personalities, it will be easier to know their needs.

4) Do what works for you!!!!

Another very important thing I learned in the first few days of bringing my babies home.  Some things may be unconventional to others, but not everyone has two babies to tend to at once.  Try things out and see what works best for you. As long as it keeps you and your babies happy, healthy and safe, I say go for it. Most of all you have the right to accept or reject anyone’s personal opinion. You are mommy and everyone’s input of what you should or shouldn’t do is solely preference.  They call it mothers intuition for a reason which leads me to my next point;

5) Go with you gut!

You have two little angelic souls that were entrusted to you. If you think that something is wrong with one, or both of them, go with your feelings. 99% of the time you feel the way you do for a reason. My daughter became very fussy and cried every time I put her down. She had no obvious signs of an cold but I knew something was wrong. We took her to the doctors and she ended up having an ear infection. I think its much better to be safe than sorry. Even if you go to the doctor 10 times and only once did they find something wrong, my opinion is that it was still worth it. You can never be too safe when it comes to your children’s well-being.

6) Take Lots of Pictures and Video’s

In a blink of an eye your newborns will be 6 months and before you know it they are a year. Make sure you document your little peoples growth. It’s amazing to me how much my babies changed appearance in a few short months. Not only did their appearance change but also their voices. It goes from a light high pitch squeal to a loud well defined cry. Had I not recording them so often I wouldn’t have noticed the sudden change in octaves.

7) Write Down Milestones When They Occur

I remember with my son I documented his first smile, laugh, when he rolled etc. It was difficult to keep track with just him, but now with the twins it can sometimes feel impossible to remember who did what and when. Don’t wait to record these precious milestones. Keep a journal handy or if your like me use your phone for almost everything, write it in your phone. I suggest inkpad or google if you have a smart phone.  This will make a great trip down memory lane once they get older.

8) Keep Hospital Bands, Footprints and Other Keepsake Items in a Safe Place

Ok, so from experience I would advise you if there is something you want to hold on to place it in a safe spot IMMEDIATELY!. When I came home from the hospital, I had tons of paperwork and mixed in with that were the babies footprints and crib cards. Being that the first few weeks were so hectic, I threw all the information together in a bag to later sort through. Forgetting about the footprints and crib cards being mixed in with the hospital paperwork, I accidentally threw them out when I was cleaning months later. Luckily for me, I placed the bands with one set of crib cards in another location so at least I have that.  Moral of the story, place all items of importance somewhere safe.

9) They are 2 Different People

I had to learn to keep this in mind. Though these two precious babies began their lives together, grew in your womb together, and may even act like one another, they are still two different people. My son learned to crawl and pull up before my daughter, but my daughter developed her fine motor skills faster than my son. It’s expected. Even though they are twins, they may reach developmental milestones at a different pace.  If you see that one baby isnt progressing as they should for their age whether it be physically or mentally, consult a physician to get them checked. Its better to correct a problem sooner than later.  For precautionary reasons, my pediatrician suggested we get my daughter checked for hip dysplasia ( a condition in which the hip joints are deformed) due to her placement in utero.  Thankfully everything was alright but had it not been we were told the condition was easier to fix when caught early.

10) Enjoy the Journey 🙂

Not everyone has the opportunity to say they gave birth to two babies at once. It’s a miraculous and amazing thing to watch two tiny individuals develop from nearly nothing into miniature human beings. Watch them as they begin playing with one another to becoming one another’s best friend. It is truly one of life’s many blessings that not everyone has the privilege to experience. Yes, it is hard. Yes, you will be agitated and overwhelmed at times BUT it is all worth it. It is true what they say, “Double the blessing, double the joy”.

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