First Day’s Home After Delivery

Once those tiny blessings do arrive, make sure while you are taking care of babies your also taking care of yourself, allowing your body time to heal correctly, especially if you had a Cesarean.  After my c-section I was in pain for a few days once I left the hospital, but within two weeks time I was able to get out the house and take a walk around the park. From experience, I do suggest you take it easy and allow your body time to recuperate fully before engaging in any strenuous activities.  Taking care of two babies is activity enough. This is the time to enlist the help of anyone willing to assist.

Sleep is essential but not something you will get a lot of for the next few months, so when a loved one offers to watch the babies for an hour or two, do yourself a favor, accept it and sleep. Household chores need to be temporarily delegated to others just to allow yourself the ability to sleep without worrying about the dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning etc.

In conjunction with your physical recovery, mentally you may be off balance due to your hormones. Hormones along with being sleep deprived can be a fatal combination, so if you become overwhelmed its very important ask for help to alleviate some stress. If you become mildly depressed (baby blues) keep a watch and make sure you inform your doctor.

Exercise is good for you physically and mentally. Not only will you get your pre-baby body back faster, but at a time when you need the most energy possible, exercise can also give you a nice boost and put you in a better state of mind to be able to take care of your little ones. Happy mommy means happy babies.

Always remember that your well being is essential in your babies health so take the time and take care of yourself.


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  1. I remember the doctor saying to me ” DON’T LIFT ANYTHING HEAVIER THAN THE BABY” and I didn’t…. 🙂
    Lucky you was able to do the same thing……. 🙂

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