“Don’t hit your sister”, “Don’t push your brother”, “Share or I’ll take it”! Have terms like this become part of your daily jargon? If so welcome to the referee stage!!! Those who already have two kids around the same age know the battle can become intense making you feel as though you are in the midst of a NBA finals game (by the way congrats to the last season’s NBA winners Golden State Warriors, they so deserved to win).

So what to do about this? So far I have learned that separation is key to calm and peace of mind, thus being instrumental in me developing the “Double Rule” which is the number of times I speak to my little darlings before action takes place . This first warning consists of me telling the tots to stop, if the action persists (which is normally does), I tell them to stop with a firm warning that next time they won’t be allowed to play. The final time I have to speak means they can no longer play with the object causing the conflict or one another until they calm down. Seems so simple, but of course every case requires different treatment. If the circumstance arrives that one of my tiny tots become hurt,  my “Double Rule” quickly becomes the “don’t-you-ever-do-that-again-rule”. Of course your temperament, tolerance and patience dictate how to you handle toddler disputes but regardless of how you decide, having a firm hand over your little ones is instrumental in how they respond  to you now and even as they become older.

Find what works for your little ones, whether it be quiet time or another form of toddler appropriate punishment. No matter the case, always come prepared with your whistle in hand because you have a great amount of shot calling in your future.

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