0-3 Month Little Wonders

If you don’t already have the app on your phone, I suggest signing up for “What to Expect in the First Year” by Heidi Murkoff. Though she doesn’t have one specifically designed for twins, she does a wonderful job breaking down weekly milestones for your precious little ones. I found it interesting to read what the expectations were for babies during that week and watch my little hit those milestones. It also gives great suggestions that depending on your lifestyle can be of great help.

I think of this stage as the “awakening phase” because they begin to see the world around them as well as build relationships. One of the most important bonds in their lives being with you. They will learn how to smile and sometimes surprise you with a laugh. They begin to babble and even start to reach for things of interest. Their little bodies will become less flaccid and more life like (my husband thinks newborns are stiff as bowls of mashed potatoes 🙂 ). Even better they begin to recognize you, following you as leave or enter the room. This is a precious time for you and your little ones relationship as they begin to understand that all their needs and wants are satisfied by you.

As the weeks quickly transcend, you will notice your little ones will begin to sleep less and become more intrigued with the world around them. They will begin to strengthen their neck muscles by attempting to hold their little heads. This is the time to aid them in this process by beginning “tummy time” which is laying them on their stomachs and allowing them to raise their heads. My pediatrician said it was okay to start tummy time at 2 weeks for about 5 minutes.

Though you precious sweethearts have been together from day one, they are beginning to become aware of one another’s presence. Smiling in one another’s direction and even finding comfort in hearing their twin cry next to them. While nursing, my little ones would hold hands and many times they fell to sleep just like that.

Once you have become familiar with the needs of you angel babies, you can begin to start routines. This is the time frame when habits are formed so be mindful of what activities your doing with your little ones such as rocking them to sleep, giving pacifiers, keeping the house super quiet during nap times etc. It will only become harder on you in the months to come when you have to try and break these habits, and believe me if you want to sleep through the night or get things done during the day you will want to.

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