9-12 Month Bodacious Bundle

Now I know at every stage I have emphasized how much more amazing your little wonders are and all the amazing things they have accomplished and the same holds true at this stage. THEY ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! During this absolutely miraculous time period, your little ones will show those they love affection by giving kisses and hugs all on their own, they will begin to say words (how i love hearing “mama” and “dada”), and the best part is they begin to stand and eventually WALK!!! It’s just astounding to imagine that these beautiful babies were just in utero not too long ago and are now getting around and truly adapting to the world around them.

Every baby is unique and if you haven’t realized that before, you are definitely becoming aware of that now. Not only may their personalities be polar opposite, but now you may see that one baby may be more inept in one facet while the other may be more proficient. Encourage your little ones in all areas and most of all, teach your little angels to encourage one another, whether is be a high five or clapping and saying “yay”. Celebrate their attempts fervently even when they become dismayed or frustrated and before you know it they will have accomplished their task. My son used to become so annoyed when he couldn’t place the top on the water bottle correctly but with encouragement and much tenacity he finally was able to place the top on the bottle correctly.

If you haven’t begun yet, this is a great time to teach your babies how to eat indepently, using not just their fingers but spoons. The first time will be messy, but allow your darlings to try until they get it right (when it comes to food they’ll figure a way to get the food to their little mouths). By now, their fine motor skills are improving by the moment, so don’t be surprised if by dinner the next day they have become mavens when it comes to eating with spoons.

Your terrific twins will amaze you even more as they begin their journey to walking. They will begin pulling up on anything that they deem supportive and begin maneuvering themselves along furniture. When they feel their legs are sturdy enough, and they have the confidence, they will begin standing without support. Once they begin to stand alone it’s inevitable that their first steps aren’t too far behind.  My husband and I thought my daughter wouldn’t stand for awhile because her legs looked so fragile, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving because at 11 months she began to stand and shortly thereafter walk, which was just a few days after her brother began walking. Once your beautiful babies take off in motion, more of the world will open up to those tiny hands and they begin to not only cruise but climb to obtain more desirable objects. Now’s the time to avoid having anything that can harm your little loves at their reach, so place them up high, lock them up and keep them out of sight.

During this timeframe, you also notice their individual interests. By nine months my daughter was already moving and grooving to music. She was quite eclectic when it came to music, as long as it had a beat she could groove to she was a happy girl. My son, on the other hand, was drawn to technology (just like his dad). All babies love phones, but he loved computers, tv, game systems, pretty much anything that had buttons. I was not surprised when he learned how to turn on and off the television. I know I’ve said this in many posts, but take lots and lots of pictures and videos. Capture these precious moments that will be over in an instant. You think that you’ll never forget, but with so much on your plate and as time passes you’ll be surprised how much isn’t engraved in your memory until you’re hit with nostalgia looking through old photos and videos.

This age is MARVELOUS! Enjoy every momentous event that occurs. With lots of pictures and videos, you’ll be able to cherish these moments for a lifetime.






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