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Most people call it “the terrible two’s” but I think it should be called “the teachable two’s”. This is the age that learning is at it’s pinnacle and when modeling can become habit if you take the time to teach your tots.

Potty training of course is a huge milestone that most two year old’s achieve but what about the development of good habits such as making the bed, cleaning up after meals, picking up toys when they’re done playing, or the biggest of them all, manners? I say why not get a head start.

Once my tiny tots began to talk, my husband and I began teaching them to say “please” when making requests and “thank you” once the request was fulfilled. This soon became habitual requiring very like effort on our part. Now that their vocabulary has expanded, we’re teaching them proper grammer while speaking such as saying “she hit me” instead of “her hit me.” Correction now leads to instinct later.

My tiny tots, especially my daughter, took interest in assisting me with household chores. They watched me vacuum, sweep, mop and wipe down causing them to reciprocate the same behavior. When crumbs are on the floor, they ask if they can help me vacuum. I let them because in a few years chores won’t be a foreign concept but one that they have already become familiarized.

Getting dressed is a huge part of their independence, one that requires patience from you. By 2 my daughter could put on her own clothes because she desired to be independent, my son on the other hand could do the same but it required more patience on my part to help him learn. Dressing is important especially when potty training. They should be accustomed to pulling on and off their pants or it will just make potty training all the harder.

Teaching begins in the house hold NOT at school. By 1, my dynamic duo could not only site their alphabet but also could name their body parts. Their grandmother, who has been a child care provider for 25 years, also assisted in helping them with their shapes and colors. You’d be surprised how simply saying “May you hand me the black square pillow please?” can subconsciously teach them manners, shapes and colors without much effort.

Your tiny tots are sponges and can learn almost anything effortlessly. This even mean they can pick up on bad habits of yours being their primary role model. They are a reflection of how you act and soeak. If you use profanity often, don’t be surprised if they pick it up and use a few choice words, correctly might I add.

Learning is fundamental so make it fun and you’ll see them blossom into marvelous little beings.

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When it comes to calling your doctor if you feel there is something wrong, I say go for it. Safer than sorry is my policy and you can never go wrong with being reassured.

Normally when pregnant with a singleton, the doctor gives you guidelines to follow and specifics to watch for. This includes, but aren’t limited too;

  • Spotting and/or bleeding
  • Moderate to heavy cramping
  • Abdominal pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Painful Urination
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Severe headaches
  • Contractions that become stronger and closer prior to full-term

Like with any pregnancy, you must take good care of yourself

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Yes! We made it through the holidays. With two tiny tots running around and getting into any and everything, making it through the holidays in one piece is like running and winning a marathon. From cooking to cleaning, shopping to gift wrapping, decorating and baking, the holidays quickly  become time consuming and potentially stressful. Now add to the equation  two little ones who require round-the-clock parental supervision and you can barely keep your head from spinning.

By eighteen months I have pretty good handle on the dynamic duo so all I did was apply old lessons to novel situations. Here are a few things that helped me conquer the holiday season;

1. Keep them Busy

I learned from earlier experiences that the best way to do anything while keeping your little ones safe is to keep them occupied in the same room you’re in. When in the kitchen, I would play music and take some breaks to dance and play, all while allowing them to bang on my pots and pans with utensils.

2. FEED THEM!!!!

Food makes everyone happy especially little ones! Snacks keep toddlers happy for an extended time period allotting you time to complete the task at hand. As long as my tiny tots had food and drink, they were very content children.

3.  Make them Feel Useful

At eighteen months, toddlers love modeling what they see and thrive on praise when completing the task correctly. Give them a tiny twin size task to take on  and make sure to applaud them for their work during and after completion. For instance, while cooking I would ask them to cook me a meal on their kitchen set or if folding laundry, I would give them two blankets to fold (or cover their faces and chase each other with :-)).

4.  Make Good Use of Naps

Lets face it, some things still aren’t capable of being completing while your tiny tornado’s are awake. Once they lay down use the time wisely to finish (or start) the task at hand . 

While these 4 things assisted me throughout the holiday season, they can also make your daily chores more manageable or family events throughout the year. I hope all you twin supermoms had a MARVELOUS holiday season and I wish you all the very best of God’s blessings for the upcoming year.


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Having twin babies is so much fun and is quite  entertaining, especially when you are captivated by their activity.  They can be found constantly laughing and giggling, often finding excitement in the others enjoyment. Many times you will find them in deep conversation that only they understand, but based on their hand gestures you can pretty much gauge how the conversation is going, whether they are joking or arguing (yes babies argue).  Most times you’ll realize that your babies are mocking you, replicating the things they’ve seen you or other household family members do. My mother once said “always watch what you do and say because babies are like little sponges that absorb EVERYTHING”!!! So right she was because whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, they are a mirror image of your actions and words (or vocal tone in the case of babies).

At a time when verbal communication is futile, babies hand ques can translate their needs and desires. Around 12 months, my daughter began waving us along and pointing to what she wanted.  When we found what she wanted, we would say the name of the object  and wouldn’t give it to her until she tried to repeat us.  Now at 14 months she say’s clearly “cup”, “juice”, and “cracker”. Her vocabulary is constantly growing especially as she becomes more fascinated with speaking. My son is slightly more stubborn when it comes to talking, though he speaks clear when he attempts to repeat words he is selective when doing so.

Though talk and hand gestures are a large part of their growing communication, understanding what’s being said to them is a huge achievement.  The first command my twins understood was “give mommy a kiss”. It was so rewarding to not just give but receive sweet kisses from your babies. Little by little I could see their minds evolving and understanding my words even more.  They quickly understood “it’s time to eat”. When I said these magical words, they would quickly stop what they were doing and head straight for the kitchen.  At 13 months I would tell them to go find their cups so they could have some juice and off they would go until they found their cups.

Everyday they surprise me with what new thing they learned. They are constantly bringing a smile to my face and I love every moment. As always, cherish each moment because very quickly the present will become the past.


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Wrapped in a mother’s embrace, inhaling her invigorating essence . Savory are the moments you spend close to her bosom, so captivated by her presence.

To acquiesce fully is her intention, for less than is unsuitable for little loves. Enthralled eternally by her grace, together forever as turtle doves.

Every moment transpires quickly, so don’t ponder way to long. For the tiniest smile is momentous as a an award winning song.

A mother is God’s enchanting gift, for there is nothing as precious on earth. Everlasting is her love, for no precious material will ever exceed her worth.

Virronica Dixson

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YESSSSS! I have made it through the trenches and have come out victorious. I have made it through the first year with twins.  It has been an AMAZING experience, one that I wouldn’t trade in for the world. It has truly been wonderful to see my little angel babies go from these tiny beautiful newborns to these personable little babies. I was privileged enough to see their first head raises, rolling over,babbling, smiling, laughing,  playing, sitting up, crawling, standing and walking. All the major milestones, thanks to my wonderful husband, I was able to stay home and see.

It was quite overwhelming when I woke up and saw there little faces this morning. I was filled with joy, happiness and glee realizing I have been with these precious angels everyday of their lives and have watched them evolve into these wonderful beings.  Watching the way they play with one another and their older brother is priceless.

In this year I have realized the most important part of motherhood is learning to go with the flow and dealing with things as they come. Good or seemingly bad, I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy it. When they would have little colds, I found joy in being their comforter and once they were nurtured back to health, I found pride in knowing we made it through another obstacle and came out on top. This was always confirmed to me by the smile on their faces once they began to feel better.

One of the most challenging moments came literally 5 days prior to their birthday which resulted in the canceling and rescheduling of their birthday party. They caught hand, foot and mouth disease which was made worse due to their eczema. They broke out in blisters all over their little bodies that became painful sores. My husband and I trying to make the best out of a bad situation took the whole weekend and watched 2 seasons of Netflix “Orange is the New Black” in between bathing the babies in oatmeal baths, giving them medicine and putting them to sleep. As bad an experience it was, the part I will never forget us working as team and choosing to make the best of a bad situation.

Even though it’s been a year, it still seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with twins, let alone having them. They have been nothing short of a blessing since they entered our lives, making our family complete. I LOVE YOU MOMMY BABIES!!!! Happy Birthday!

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In the event that a cold arises, first thing to do is drink lots of fluids to keep your body hydrated. As always, speak with your physician or pharmacist to determine what medications they recommend, especially if your nursing as to not interfere with milk production or even more harm your babies.  I was told to take Tylenol®  for fever and Sudafed® for sinus pressure, sore throat and headaches. Gargling with warm salt water can also help a sore throat as well.

For a more natural approach  I suggest taking ALJ® made by Natures Sunshine ( which provides respiratory support. I have taken this herb and it works WONDERS! Even more than actual medication at times. Lastly, rest as much as possible. This is the time to enlist the help of others so that you can try and rest. Allow your body to work and fight the cold off so that you can get back to being Supermom.

Though getting a cold sucks, its even worse when you have little people to take care of. Wash your hands consistently to avoid spreading your cold to your little ones. As cute as their little cheeks are, resist the temptations to kiss them until your cold has passed. The one benefit of being a nursing mom and catching a cold is that you pass along the antibodies of that particular cold virus which boosts their little immune system.