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One of the most frightening events occured at the end of last year. My daughter, after eating cashews, had a severe allergic reaction in which my husband and I had to call 911. Her eyes were almost swollen shut, she began wheezing and hives were apparent on majority of her little body. Talk about feeling helpless, nervous and most of all SCARED! Right away I gave her Benadryl® hoping that the antihistamine would help alleviate the reaction as we didn’t have an EpiPen Jr® for this type of emergency. Thankfully, once the emergency team arrived, they were able to give her medicine and take her to the hospital where she was immediately treated and released.

After our ordeal, we followed up with an allergist in which we learned she was allergic to tree nuts. She prescribed us an can you buy modafinil at walmart® in case she ever experienced an allergic reaction in the future. She prescribed us multiple pens to keep in a safe place in the house, daycare, car and one to keep in us at all times because you never where and when a reaction could occur. She suggested to have 2 pens handy. If an allergic reaction was to occur give her the medication followed by a second dose. The doctor explained that sometime anaphylaxis can occur even after a dose is given so a second dose can help decrease the possibility of a second occurrence.

With my little darlings being toddlers, they are still experimenting with different foods and being placed in different environments. I would advise any parent to introduce one new food at a time just in case a reaction does occur, you can easily pinpoint the culprit. Of course when a reaction like this occurs you’d be hesitate to offer your little treasure anything new but I say it’s better they be in your presence when a reaction occurs than with someone else.  I make sure all new foods and environmental exposures are tried under parental guidance  where we can administer medication quickly if need be.

In conjunction with my daughter being allergic to tree nuts, my son (her twin brother) was found to be allergic to fish so we needed double the amount of medication.  Purchasing an EpiPen® even with insurance, can be pricey. Luckily I found that Mylan Specialty, maker of EpiPen Jr ®,offers $0 copay with their discount card that you can receive instantly online for FREE! Just click buy modafinil bitcoin® to be sign up for your free card.

Knowing what to look out for in case of an allergic reaction is the key to keeping your baby safe. Learn the signs for your precious munchkin’s such as wheezing, hives, swelling, increased heart rate just to name a few.  There are 4 systems of the body which  anaphylaxis can trigger which include respiratory (breathing), integrumentary (skin), cardiovascular (heart) and digestive (stomach). My doctor informed me that if two systems are reacting, epinephrine should be administered. A good example would be my daughter for instance; she was wheezing (respiratory) and she had hives (integrumentary). For more information regarding anaphylaxis, please visit buy modafinil brisbane.

Being a parent isn’t easy but it’s always worth it. Keep your baby blessing’s as safe and healthy as possible. They are our future.

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“Don’t hit your sister”, “Don’t push your brother”, “Share or I’ll take it”! Have terms like this become part of your daily jargon? If so welcome to the referee stage!!! Those who already have two kids around the same age know the battle can become intense making you feel as though you are in the midst of a NBA finals game (by the way congrats to the last season’s NBA winners Golden State Warriors, they so deserved to win).

So what to do about this? So far I have learned that separation is key to calm and peace of mind, thus being instrumental in me developing the “Double Rule” which is the number of times I speak to my little darlings before action takes place . This first warning consists of me telling the tots to stop, if the action persists (which is normally does), I tell them to stop with a firm warning that next time they won’t be allowed to play. The final time I have to speak means they can no longer play with the object causing the conflict or one another until they calm down. Seems so simple, but of course every case requires different treatment. If the circumstance arrives that one of my tiny tots become hurt,  my “Double Rule” quickly becomes the “don’t-you-ever-do-that-again-rule”. Of course your temperament, tolerance and patience dictate how to you handle toddler disputes but regardless of how you decide, having a firm hand over your little ones is instrumental in how they respond  to you now and even as they become older.

Find what works for your little ones, whether it be quiet time or another form of toddler appropriate punishment. No matter the case, always come prepared with your whistle in hand because you have a great amount of shot calling in your future.

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About a year and a half your little ones will use the most famous word in the toddler dictionary… “No”!  This heavy duty two letter word works wonders to express their dismay  or often times is followed by the second infamous word of a toddler’s vocab: “mine”. These two power packed words have to ability to drive you MAD if you let them.

So what to do about your growing toddlers propensity for these words? Toddlers are sponges and whether you have paid close attention to yourself, your toddlers are predisposed to the word “no” from none other than mommy herself. Just try to recall all the times you said “no, don’t touch that”, “no, get down from there”, “no, don’t put that in your mouth” you’ll notice “no” is a significant word in your vocabulary. Try to limit your usage of the word and instead change the language you use such as “don’t touch because you could hurt yourself”, or “we only put food in our mouths”. Though still young, they understand more than I feel adults give them credit for. Try explaining why they can’t touch something such as “you can’t touch that because it will burn your hand”and they may surprise you and cease the behavior.

Remember the days when you could split everything between your wonderful little bundles? Well that comes to a hault once they get into the “mine” stage. This little word has begun plenty of battles between my little angels. It’s amazing to me how the same little people who have shared almost everything since the very beginning have become so territorial. I attribute this to their growing independence. So what to do? Though I’m still learning myself, I have found taking away the source of the “mine” battle works. This of course shifts the attention from the object of debate to you of course but it’s nothing mommy can’t handle :-). I’m all for talking to my tiny tots so once I remove the object I say my mother’s favorite line to my brother and I when we were younger, “if you can’t share it, you can’t have it at all”. After a few moments the tears cease and they are more open to sharing rather than not having the toy at all.

Now keep in mind there are always limitations to everything and every toddler requires different tactics to encourage their expanding vocabulary. “No” and “Mine” are just the beginning of their language use and comprehension. Soon their vocabulary will become copious and your tiny tots will become tiny motor mouths. Remember to write down all the memorable moments and most of all enjoy the journey.

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Yes! We made it through the holidays. With two tiny tots running around and getting into any and everything, making it through the holidays in one piece is like running and winning a marathon. From cooking to cleaning, shopping to gift wrapping, decorating and baking, the holidays quickly  become time consuming and potentially stressful. Now add to the equation  two little ones who require round-the-clock parental supervision and you can barely keep your head from spinning.

By eighteen months I have pretty good handle on the dynamic duo so all I did was apply old lessons to novel situations. Here are a few things that helped me conquer the holiday season;

1. Keep them Busy

I learned from earlier experiences that the best way to do anything while keeping your little ones safe is to keep them occupied in the same room you’re in. When in the kitchen, I would play music and take some breaks to dance and play, all while allowing them to bang on my pots and pans with utensils.

2. FEED THEM!!!!

Food makes everyone happy especially little ones! Snacks keep toddlers happy for an extended time period allotting you time to complete the task at hand. As long as my tiny tots had food and drink, they were very content children.

3.  Make them Feel Useful

At eighteen months, toddlers love modeling what they see and thrive on praise when completing the task correctly. Give them a tiny twin size task to take on  and make sure to applaud them for their work during and after completion. For instance, while cooking I would ask them to cook me a meal on their kitchen set or if folding laundry, I would give them two blankets to fold (or cover their faces and chase each other with :-)).

4.  Make Good Use of Naps

Lets face it, some things still aren’t capable of being completing while your tiny tornado’s are awake. Once they lay down use the time wisely to finish (or start) the task at hand . 

While these 4 things assisted me throughout the holiday season, they can also make your daily chores more manageable or family events throughout the year. I hope all you twin supermoms had a MARVELOUS holiday season and I wish you all the very best of God’s blessings for the upcoming year.


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FUN FUN FUN! That is the one adjective I think of when it comes to twin toddlers. Not only is it amazing watching them interact with the world around them and show off their newly learnt skills, but also their evolving relationship with one another.  They can be each others friend or foe all at the same time. As easily as they make the other cry is as quickly as they can make them laugh and smile. Then again, what would a true sibling relationship be without rivalry mixed in with companionship ?

As your dynamic duo become more active, they begin to challenge one another physically. If  one climbs on a chair, the other tries to climb the chair quicker. If one crawls under a table, the other follows closely behind. Anything that seems remotely fun, my tiny tots want to be involved in. My son decided to climb on a chair to get on top of the table and my daughter watched then replicated (of course i watched in awe, took a photo, then quickly got them down before any accidents could occur). I’m often amazed at their thinking. How quickly they can strategize in order to get to what they want. When my son got on the table, he was after his pacifier and needless to say, he got it.

Now of course with all this toddler activity, you have to become MUCH more cautious and HYPERvigilant. Some of what is meant to protect your little ones can become a hazard if not placed properly or once your little ones watch and learn how to use it. For instance, after watching me take out the plastic plugs for the electric socket to vacuum, my daughter tried to remove them as she saw me do. The childs gate has now become a fence in which they each take turns attempting to climb over. Unless it is high up or locked up, I’ve found my toddlers will get too. If one can’t get to it on their own, they have learned to work together to achieve a common goal. My daughter couldn’t open a box of cereal that she climbed in the cabinet to get, so her brother assisted her and after ripping the box open and pouring half the cereal on the floor, they feasted together.

Your dynamic duo will keep you alert and busy all while keeping a smile on your face. Enjoy your tiny tots and the adventure they take you one. It is truly rewarding and priceless.

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You can finally see your bundles of joy evolving into tiny people, in which we toddlers.  When you thought they couldn’t get into anything else, your walking baby dolls are now reaching for things on top of the table, opening cabinets, pulling out drawers and taking out whatever interesting things they find. As they are discovering the world around them, you will truly find entertainment watching them.

Hopefully you took baby proofing serious when they began crawling because it will definitely benefit you now. Though we placed safety locks on drawers and cabinets, baby proofed all power plugs, and placed everything that could be harmful out of reach, they still managed to make a mess. They took absolute advantage of their mobility  running from room to room pulling out any and EVERYTHING! As long as it may have taken me to clean up, in a matter of 5 minutes my hard work could be reversed.  Initially it drove me CRAZY when my angels would take everything out, but I learned how to tame the tiny tornadoes, only allowing them to take a few things out at a time.

As you can see from the photo, they love my pots and I took full advantage of their interest while I was cooking. Allowing them to play with my pots  allotted me more time to cook while enjoying the musical stylings of my little wonders. Of course putting back my pots several times a day can become monotonous, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. If you are a neat freak ( as I once was before children), you must learn how to become somewhat flexible, allowing your toddlers freedom within reason. Toddlers, in my opinion, experience the world by making a mess. Taking things apart, turning things over, putting things in their mouth and even breaking things just to learn more about their surroundings. Luckily toddlers are little sponges, so just as you teach them to operate a toy is the same way you can teach them how to clean up. After watching me clean so much, my daughter takes out the diaper wipes and wipes down all inanimate objects within her reach. It’s actually quite adorable to watch her clean. She’s even gotten her brother interested in cleaning.

Learning to deal with your tiny tornadoes can be difficult in the beginning, but once you learn to operate within chaos, your world will become easier and even amusing (and you thought it couldn’t get any better). As always, enjoy your little marvels. Time flies so enjoy every waking moment.



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Having twin babies is so much fun and is quite  entertaining, especially when you are captivated by their activity.  They can be found constantly laughing and giggling, often finding excitement in the others enjoyment. Many times you will find them in deep conversation that only they understand, but based on their hand gestures you can pretty much gauge how the conversation is going, whether they are joking or arguing (yes babies argue).  Most times you’ll realize that your babies are mocking you, replicating the things they’ve seen you or other household family members do. My mother once said “always watch what you do and say because babies are like little sponges that absorb EVERYTHING”!!! So right she was because whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, they are a mirror image of your actions and words (or vocal tone in the case of babies).

At a time when verbal communication is futile, babies hand ques can translate their needs and desires. Around 12 months, my daughter began waving us along and pointing to what she wanted.  When we found what she wanted, we would say the name of the object  and wouldn’t give it to her until she tried to repeat us.  Now at 14 months she say’s clearly “cup”, “juice”, and “cracker”. Her vocabulary is constantly growing especially as she becomes more fascinated with speaking. My son is slightly more stubborn when it comes to talking, though he speaks clear when he attempts to repeat words he is selective when doing so.

Though talk and hand gestures are a large part of their growing communication, understanding what’s being said to them is a huge achievement.  The first command my twins understood was “give mommy a kiss”. It was so rewarding to not just give but receive sweet kisses from your babies. Little by little I could see their minds evolving and understanding my words even more.  They quickly understood “it’s time to eat”. When I said these magical words, they would quickly stop what they were doing and head straight for the kitchen.  At 13 months I would tell them to go find their cups so they could have some juice and off they would go until they found their cups.

Everyday they surprise me with what new thing they learned. They are constantly bringing a smile to my face and I love every moment. As always, cherish each moment because very quickly the present will become the past.


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We went for our first family vacation last month to sunny Florida. Knowing we had to fly, I was slightly anxious anticipating how the flight would be with twin babies. Not only the actual flight, but keeping them entertained in the airport,  and being able to bring the necessary items with me through security .  As any mother knows, it’s best to be prepared for anything that may arise. Here are a few guidelines that I’ve found helped with my air travel;

  1. Make sure you contact the airlines to find out what you need for your babies to fly. I brought a copy of my childrens birth certificates in the event I may need to verify their age.
  2. Be aware of age requirements for lap babies. Most airlines allow babies under 2 to fly free (Southwest, Jet Blue and Delta), but some only allow one to fly free and you have to pay a portion of a ticket for the second baby (US Airways)
  3. Read TSA regulations on what you can bring through security on the plane. I found whatever you have in your diaper bag that you need for your babies can generally be taken through security as well as a genuine modafinil
  4. Know what items can be checked for free. You can use the stroller in the airport, but if you would prefer checking it, Delta checks strollers, bassinets  (not pack-n-plays) and car seats at no cost. Southwest allows 2 bags to be checked for free, so if you require your pack-n-plays they can save you some money.
  5. If you can manage to roll your clothes and pack them in a carry on bag, it will save you money. Most time airlines will offer complimentary baggage check at the gate if the flight is full. We flew Delta who didn’t offer free checked luggage so we brought carry-ons.  At the gate going and coming, they checked our bags for free. It saved us nearly $200. I was able to pack a weeks worth of clothes as well as diapers on a carry on for the babies by rolling them. Some things are easier purchased at your destination especially if it’s cheaper than paying baggage fees.
  6. Prior to the flight, I was told that only ONE lap baby was allowed per row due to the amount of oxygen masks, so my husband had to sit in the row in front of me. Be prepared to be rearranged if you don’t make prior arrangements before the generic modafinil online uk
  7. Bring unopened snacks and drinks with you. This will help cut down those expensive airport costs for meals and as long as they are in your diaper bag they should be allowed through security.
  8. Thankfully when we arrived at the Buffalo Airport, they had a play area for children to run off some energy prior to our flight. My older son and the babies LOVED  it and were nice and exhausted by the time we boarded the airplane.  If the airport your at has no play area, I suggest finding the nearest empty gate (if possible) and allow them to play. This way you don’t have to worry about disturbing other modafinil hong kongbuy modafinil online hong kongmodafinil get high

The number one thing to remember is to have fun.  Most people around you will find just as much enjoyment looking at your babies as you will. I was worried that their crying  or babbling on the plane would be a nuisance to others, but to my surprise people were much more understanding than I thought.  In transit, the flight attendants were very attentive to my babies, offering them snacks and drinks . In all, I would have to say our first air travel was good. As with anything, the more you do it, the easier it will become.  Enjoy the journey!

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Around a year, your little darlings will turn your world upside down with their new found motion; walking. As momentous as this is, unless you have baby proofed your house, you will be in for a wake up call. All the objects you thought your little angels couldn’t reach, you find in a matter of seconds their little hands have managed to grab.

They are now constantly on the move now quicker than ever.  Within a few weeks of their first steps they begin turning around, running, walking sideways and backwards. It was quite amazing how quickly my little ones took their first steps and actually began walking. My son began walking first and my daughter began walking a few days later ( She’s a little determined little diva and didn’t want to be left out of the fun).

From my experience with twins,  each baby reaches milestones individually, but  relatively close together. My son was better with gross motor skills and my daughter with fine motor skills, but within a couple weeks they were both were capable of the same actions, walking being no different.

It’s incredible watching my precious angels chase each other around the house and even outside. Now that they’ve learned how to walk they strive to be more independent wanting to get down more so they can explore what was previously unknown to them. This can be overwhelming when each baby decides to roam in opposite directions. From what I’ve learned, don’t put your little angel babies down in crowded places unless you have assistance, and when you do make sure you’re one step behind them because new found items still head straight to their mouths.  Knowing that my babies enjoy walking and running around, especially if a ball is involved, I bring them in the backyard or an enclosed area for them to run off their energy. They enjoy it and it makes for great sleepy twins when it comes to nap time.

As with anything,  when they begin walking and you feel that there may be a problem with their gate or stance make sure to consult a physician. It’s better to correct an issue early than wait for the issue to worsen,