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Making Time For Romance

Now I already know your saying to yourself, “I barely have enough time to pee, let alone romance.” As accurate as this thought may be in early months, it is still very important to maintain the relationship with your honey as you did prior to becoming a “supermom.” Though you may not go out as often, or “romance” as frequently as before the babies, it’s still important to work that back into your lives. You would be surprised what a little “one on one” time can do to boost your energy and change your attitude for the better.

In early months, spending time together for us meant watching t.v while I nursed the babies to sleep. If we were lucky, my husband and I also got the opportunity to eat together:-). Once the babies were about 3 months, we went on actual dates and even met up with friends for the evening (Thank God for grandma’s). At 10 months, we are FINALLY able to get back to our normal routine now that the babies have a set bedtime. Just like I cherish all the moments I spend with my children, I cherish even more the time I spend with my husband because he gave me the greatest gift of all; becoming a mommy.

Never forget your men supermoms. They need love and attention the same way your children need it. Love them as you want to be loved and everyday as the love for your children grow, so will the bond between you and your husband.