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Dynamic Duo

FUN FUN FUN! That is the one adjective I think of when it comes to twin toddlers. Not only is it amazing watching them interact with the world around them and show off their newly learnt skills, but also their evolving relationship with one another.  They can be each others friend or foe all at the same time. As easily as they make the other cry is as quickly as they can make them laugh and smile. Then again, what would a true sibling relationship be without rivalry mixed in with companionship ?

As your dynamic duo become more active, they begin to challenge one another physically. If  one climbs on a chair, the other tries to climb the chair quicker. If one crawls under a table, the other follows closely behind. Anything that seems remotely fun, my tiny tots want to be involved in. My son decided to climb on a chair to get on top of the table and my daughter watched then replicated (of course i watched in awe, took a photo, then quickly got them down before any accidents could occur). I’m often amazed at their thinking. How quickly they can strategize in order to get to what they want. When my son got on the table, he was after his pacifier and needless to say, he got it.

Now of course with all this toddler activity, you have to become MUCH more cautious and HYPERvigilant. Some of what is meant to protect your little ones can become a hazard if not placed properly or once your little ones watch and learn how to use it. For instance, after watching me take out the plastic plugs for the electric socket to vacuum, my daughter tried to remove them as she saw me do. The childs gate has now become a fence in which they each take turns attempting to climb over. Unless it is high up or locked up, I’ve found my toddlers will get too. If one can’t get to it on their own, they have learned to work together to achieve a common goal. My daughter couldn’t open a box of cereal that she climbed in the cabinet to get, so her brother assisted her and after ripping the box open and pouring half the cereal on the floor, they feasted together.

Your dynamic duo will keep you alert and busy all while keeping a smile on your face. Enjoy your tiny tots and the adventure they take you one. It is truly rewarding and priceless.

Keep Nails Clean and Trimmed

If you’re an experienced mom, you know about keeping your finger nails low. This is especially important when handling two infants at once. With longer nails it is almost inevitable that you may scratch your little ones accidentally. Maintaining a low cut manicure can also prevent the spreading of germs since dirt can easily become trapped under your nails. Being that your fingers do so much for your babies mainly serving as your babies number one chew toy, you want to keep your fingers as clean as possible which also mean foregoing nail polish for awhile.  You don’t want your nail polish to accidentally chip in their mouths so keep the polish just on your toes for now.  When they get all their little teeth and their oral fixation has ceased, a nice mani-pedi would be a great gift from your husband to help bring back your inner diva 🙂