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Beginning School

My oh my when I say time flies, it FLIES! I feel like it was just yesterday the doctor told me I was having twins and now they are officially little children entering Pre-K. Valeia was SUPER excited for the first day of school saying “Mommy I’m a big kid now!” Yes, she and her brother are now indeed “big kids” and I couldn’t be more proud of who they are becoming, while at the same time wishing time would slow down just for a little while to allow me to keep my tiny tots just a moment longer.

The night before school was filled with great excitement and confidence on the kids behalf and slight sadness and apprehension on my behalf. Why? Because even though this wasn’t my first experience beginning school with a child, it was my last. Not only was it my last time experiencing the first day of Pre-K, I also realized that this was the end of their care-free existence and now they were being inducted into adulthood (on a introductory level of course). What I mean by this is that expectations were now being placed on them and were being taught how to become productive citizens of the community by people outside of our immediate family. The small bubble placed around them was now going to be infiltrated by others with different beliefs and behaviors testing the moral foundations set by my husband and I.

From the time they could understand, my husband and I spoke encouraging words to our children, teaching them that the world is limitless and anything they strive for is within their grasp. Everyone has different experiences which shape them. I found that sometimes adults unknowingly cast their own doubt onto children making them dream killer’s instead of dream builder’s, having gone no further than their own glass ceilings. As we know peers have one of the biggest influences on decisions we make and I began to think how they would respond being placed with children who may not have come from the same type of uplifting environment.

I began to realize this thinking was not only unproductive but was the antithesis of what I believe. If my husband and I did as good job of building our children up, then they would influence their peers positively rather than allowing negativity to affect them. Their smiles would greet others with compassion and love, showing themselves friendly and willing to help the friends they meet along the way. After saying a little prayer, I felt more confidant and secure that my babies would be just fine and were two more little lights God placed in the world to shine bright in dark places.

The next morning when I watched them get on the bus, I smiled and waved watching them wave back, their little heads peeking out the window. As the bus pulled off I had tears in my eyes for they were beginning their own personal journeys. Every morning since that has been our routine. I kiss and tell them I love them and watch the bus pass and their little hands in the air waving back to me. Everyday I’m reminded that even though they are growing and learning to walk their on path, in every moment of pride and excitement, I’ll be there to wave them on.