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Healthy Eating

Once your little angels begin eating table food, it’s like a new world has opened for them. They want to eat everything you put in your mouth and even try to eat things that don’t belong in their mouths. This is the perfect time to get them accustomed to healthy eating, feeding them lots of fruits and vegetables. Salt and sugar are just additives that we have grown to be accustomed too, but your little ones pallets are fresh and new and doesn’t need to be introduced to them so young. Natural sweetness from fruits are all the sweet they need and you may find the healthier the food you feed them, the more it forces you to make better eating decisions.

Now I’m no dietitian but I have learned how to eat better. This came in handy when it was time to lose that post partum baby weight.  As important as it was for me, and the babies since I was nursing, I found it was crucial when I began feeding my little angels table food. As with any baby, they want whatever goes into mom’s mouth. If what you have is of nutritional value, that is what they will learn to desire.

Starting off at about 5 months, I fed my little darlings Gerber ® fruits and vegetables. At first they were willing to consume whatever I fed them, but once they became acquainted with the food, they became keen of some and not so keen of others. I continued to purchase baby fruits and vegetables while integrating more solids into their diet. By 10 months I no longer purchased baby food because they became more interested in what was on my plate than theirs.  This held true when it came to drinking as well.  I would allow them to have watered down cranberry and apple juice once a day along with water and breast milk.

I paid great attention to the type of food they were consuming and quickly found they enjoyed green beans, asparagus (surprisingly), corn, sweet potatoes, watermelon, grapes, ziti, brown rice and beans. As with anything with twins, they won’t always like the same things. My daughter loves broccoli and chicken while my son isn’t the greatest fan. Though they have a good diet, I have allowed them to taste cake and cookies and of course they LOVED it, but that is an occasional thing. As with anything balance is the key, and if you start off right they won’t desire anything but the good. Give your little ones a good start and it will take them far.

Starting Table Food

Milk is great, but when you put that fork full of pasta in your mouth, your babies little limbs start moving and their little mouths start drooling.  These are signs that your little people may be ready to expand their appetite. Around 4 months you may notice your little darlings show interest in food. Once given the okay by your pediatrician to start feeding them food  it is time to bring out the high chairs. They always recommend starting with rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, but my twins HATED it so we went straight to mixing them with fruits and vegetables.

The first feed is most likely going to get messy so be prepared. Make sure you try one food at a time for a few days to check for potential food allergies. Adding food to your babies diet may cause some stomach upset such as constipation or diarrhea. I suggest keeping prunes readily available and also giving water along with food to help their small digestive systems. Water down juice before giving it to your little ones. Juice can sometimes be too harsh on your little ones tummies. If diarrhea does occur, replenish their little bodies with fluids. Pedialyte is what is recommended to refuel there electrolytes giving them minerals and nutrients.

For the first time sitting in their high chairs being fed what is to them seemingly unusual food can cause any baby to become apprehensive. Make eating fun and entertaining by singing songs, making faces, using hand puppets, whatever encourages your little people to eat. For some reason, my children only wanted to eat their food once I tasted it because of this I now have the greatest poker face EVER!  Whatever you do, make sure you make the experience enjoyable. The more they enjoy it, the more likely they are to be good eaters.