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The one thing my doctor told me to keep in mind is that you are eating, breathing, drinking for three people so you need to be very cautious with what you do.  Same as with a singleton pregnancy, you have to maintain your own personal health to be able to ensure the health of your babies.

There are three essential things that you need to do during your pregnancy;

1) Rest-Sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Feeling drained comes naturally due to your body working hard to grow two incredible little beings. Remember, sleep is a necessity!

2) Drink lots and LOTS of fluids-Water is vital in a healthy pregnancy especially if the weather is hot. Drinking water helps avoid constipation and urinary tract infections, as well as water retention.

3) Eat Healthy- As most moms know, the babies take the nutrients they need first and leave you with the remainder so its important to eat healthy foods with a lot of folic acid. My physician prescribed medication just to ensure I was getting enough folic acid in addition to the prenatal pills with an omega 3 vitamin.

If your like me, you may be on bed rest for some extent of your pregnancy. As hard as it may be to relax, it is important to follow doctor orders. After all, the sole purpose for rest is to keep those buns in your oven as long as possible. Kick your feet up and enjoy being catered too. Its not everyday that you can be waited on hand and foot.