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Twin Communication

Having twin babies is so much fun and is quite  entertaining, especially when you are captivated by their activity.  They can be found constantly laughing and giggling, often finding excitement in the others enjoyment. Many times you will find them in deep conversation that only they understand, but based on their hand gestures you can pretty much gauge how the conversation is going, whether they are joking or arguing (yes babies argue).  Most times you’ll realize that your babies are mocking you, replicating the things they’ve seen you or other household family members do. My mother once said “always watch what you do and say because babies are like little sponges that absorb EVERYTHING”!!! So right she was because whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, they are a mirror image of your actions and words (or vocal tone in the case of babies).

At a time when verbal communication is futile, babies hand ques can translate their needs and desires. Around 12 months, my daughter began waving us along and pointing to what she wanted.  When we found what she wanted, we would say the name of the object  and wouldn’t give it to her until she tried to repeat us.  Now at 14 months she say’s clearly “cup”, “juice”, and “cracker”. Her vocabulary is constantly growing especially as she becomes more fascinated with speaking. My son is slightly more stubborn when it comes to talking, though he speaks clear when he attempts to repeat words he is selective when doing so.

Though talk and hand gestures are a large part of their growing communication, understanding what’s being said to them is a huge achievement.  The first command my twins understood was “give mommy a kiss”. It was so rewarding to not just give but receive sweet kisses from your babies. Little by little I could see their minds evolving and understanding my words even more.  They quickly understood “it’s time to eat”. When I said these magical words, they would quickly stop what they were doing and head straight for the kitchen.  At 13 months I would tell them to go find their cups so they could have some juice and off they would go until they found their cups.

Everyday they surprise me with what new thing they learned. They are constantly bringing a smile to my face and I love every moment. As always, cherish each moment because very quickly the present will become the past.