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Once your little angels begin eating table food, it’s like a new world has opened for them. They want to eat everything you put in your mouth and even try to eat things that don’t belong in their mouths. This is the perfect time to get them accustomed to healthy eating, feeding them lots of fruits and vegetables. Salt and sugar are just additives that we have grown to be accustomed too, but your little ones pallets are fresh and new and doesn’t need to be introduced to them so young. Natural sweetness from fruits are all the sweet they need and you may find the healthier the food you feed them, the more it forces you to make better eating decisions.

Now I’m no dietitian but I have learned how to eat better. This came in handy when it was time to lose that post partum baby weight.  As important as it was for me, and the babies since I was nursing, I found it was crucial when I began feeding my little angels table food. As with any baby, they want whatever goes into mom’s mouth. If what you have is of nutritional value, that is what they will learn to desire.

Starting off at about 5 months, I fed my little darlings Gerber ® fruits and vegetables. At first they were willing to consume whatever I fed them, but once they became acquainted with the food, they became keen of some and not so keen of others. I continued to purchase baby fruits and vegetables while integrating more solids into their diet. By 10 months I no longer purchased baby food because they became more interested in what was on my plate than theirs.  This held true when it came to drinking as well.  I would allow them to have watered down cranberry and apple juice once a day along with water and breast milk.

I paid great attention to the type of food they were consuming and quickly found they enjoyed green beans, asparagus (surprisingly), corn, sweet potatoes, watermelon, grapes, ziti, brown rice and beans. As with anything with twins, they won’t always like the same things. My daughter loves broccoli and chicken while my son isn’t the greatest fan. Though they have a good diet, I have allowed them to taste cake and cookies and of course they LOVED it, but that is an occasional thing. As with anything balance is the key, and if you start off right they won’t desire anything but the good. Give your little ones a good start and it will take them far.

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Traveling with babies can already be cumbersome, but when you have two babies it can become down right difficult. Hopefully you are a supermom of twins that fall asleep the moment the car starts moving and will only wake up to eat. If that supermom is you, I surely do envy because if your like me, your little sweethearts want to be held, and entertained along with the normal eat and be changed during a long car ride.

The first trip we took with the babies was for family get together in New Jersey. It was a six hour car ride and they were 3 months at the time. Being a breastfeeding mom, it took a little more work on my part to keep them calm and satisfied. At that time they were nursing every 3 to 4 hours, and my daughter (that little diva) refused to take the pacifier and would only nurse to sleep unlike my son who would sleep just fine with a pacifier. After a few times of taking them out the car seat, nursing them and getting them comfortable, they finally fell asleep with only 3 hours left of the trip. In hindsight, it wasn’t that bad of a ride. The only thing that made the trip challenging was the lack of space to comfortably nurse.

At 10 months, we took a trip to Albany which thankfully was only a 3.5 hour trip. This time the trip went a little differently. They did not want to just sleep and eat, instead they wanted to stand, look around, and see the fascinating scenery. Entertaining them was most of the battle. Since they were on table food, I could feed them in the car seats and give them their sippy cups to satisfy them until I could nurse. Thankfully I had them on a sleep schedule so around the time we left they slept a good portion of the ride. Trying not to throw off their schedule too much, when we arrived I continued our normal routine which was to bathe them, nurse them and lay them down to sleep through the night. Surprising enough, this did work and even when we returned home they maintained their regular sleep schedule.

Though somewhat challenging at times, from each trip I learned a few things;

  • For smaller babies, make sure you make their car seat as comfortable as possible. Place a plush blanket behind them and on the sides to keep them in place. When the car hits a bump you don’t want to disrupt their sleep so make sure they are secured in the midst comfortable fashion.
  • If nursing, nurse one at a time and make sure they are well satisfied so you don’t have to constantly  take them out the car seat or have to pull over to nurse.
  • Drap their car seats with a light blanket (a receiving blanket) to shield them from the sun if traveling during the day. Though car seats have visors, some babies need darkness to sleep so a light blanket can do wonders.
  • For older babies, bring lots of entertainment such as their favorite small toys, DVD player if they have a favorite tv show and snacks to keep them happy. The best toy for them often times is you mommy so get your best funny faces and tickle fingers ready. As with younger babies, you want to keep them as comfy as possible, so bring a nice blanket to help them cuddle into and hopefully sleep will be sure to follow

As another supermom once told me, it only gets easier, so as always enjoy the journey where you are and make the most of the time you share.

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It’s completely amazing to me how fast babies grow, but even more how much their relationships grow as they get older.

At 10 months my little angel babies truly developed a loving relationship. Now I know I stated in earlier months they became aware of one another and developed a relationship, but now I have noticed a true loving friendship has blossomed. They make each other laugh, they imitate the sounds I make to one another, play peek-a-boo, and they give each other kisses.

As a mom you’re so use to being the one to give love but when it’s reciprocated it feels truly remarkable. I absolutely LOVE it when we’re playing on the floor and they crawl up to me and give me kisses. I just LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! ! !  Not just the wet and sloppy kisses but the ones that you can see the love resonating from every time they kiss your cheek. The way their eyes engage with yours as to say “Mommy I love you”.

You can also see the loving relationship with other family members or caregivers that they see often grow as well. Now when my husband comes in the house from work, they listen for his footsteps and crawl to the door the moment they hear his keys. When grandma comes over, affectionately known as “MeMe”, my daughter crawls to her and lifts her hands to be picked up. Just months earlier I was the only one either of them wanted and now to watch their love grow for others truly fills my heart with joy.

I believe you have to teach love for them to know love. It’s not done over night, but when you see the love begin to bloom you can be sure your doing something right.


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Being a mom can have its moments when you just need a breather, especially when dealing with little babies. Just like any person, babies have mood swings as well and your the lucky one who gets to deal with their emotional roller coasters while still dealing with your own. It wouldn’t be so bad if your little angels could express themselves with words, but until then crying is their main form of communication.

So what to do on those days when you wish you could just run and hide? Take a breath and remind yourself that this wont last always. I know it sounds easier said than done but BELIEVE me it works! When my babies bombard me with the trail of tears I just look at their precious little wet faces and remind myself how lucky I am because not everyone is fortunate to have children but God saw fit to give me two. Once that reality hits me, I change my attitude, pick up my little loves and focus on making them smile and laugh. Positivity  attracts positivity and your little ones can sense it.

But what happens on those days when your optimistic thoughts aren’t enough to get you by? Take a break. This is when dad, grandparents and friends come in handy. Drop the babies off or have someone come over and take a few hours for you. For me a nice nap can sometimes do the trick. If no one is available, place the babies in a safe place, such as their crib, and take a few moments to relax. Its completely natural to feel this way SOMETIMES, but if these feelings persist don’t be ashamed consult your physician. Woman are hormonal by nature and sometimes your problem could be physiological.

Regardless of the issue, just know that this too shall pass and sooner than later this will be nothing but a distant memory.

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Having a sick baby is rough, but having two sick babies can be unthinkable at times. The whining, crying, constant need to be held, lack of sleep can be overwhelming for even the most calm mom.  As hard as you may try to keep a germ free environment, it is nearly impossible to avoid common colds and due to the close proximity to one another its nearly inevitable the other one will catch it.

First thing first, limit, or even better put a halt to visitors. Though they already have a cold, you don’t want it to worsen or spread their germs around.  As we all know now, hand washing is the primary deterrent of spreading germs, so if visitors can’t be avoided, make sure they are washing their hands often and/or using an antibacterial cleanser.  If you have other children, try to limit their interaction with your little one’s as well. As difficult as that may be it is necessary to keep the remainder of your household in good health. Respiratory etiquette is essential as well. Make sure everyone is covering their mouths when sneezing and coughing (this is most important for you mom as you are the primary care giver).

Next thing to do it wash all the things that your babies encounter throughout the day. It’s quite difficult to stop your little loves from sharing toys but try your best. The more items they swap, the more the germs spread and the longer you must deal with fussy babies. Wash all blankets, bedding, plush toys, bowls, spoons, sippy cups etc. Clean all the toys that cannot be placed in the washer with bleach or which ever disinfectant cleanser you use. Personally I love Clorox®  wipes  because of their convenience and most of all their effectiveness.

Now to the the most important piece, which is knocking out your little ones cold. The first thing I always do is call my pediatrician. Though I am an experienced mother, I’m an advocate of being safer than sorry and with there being new outbreaks of viruses you can never be too certain. Remember, your babies health provider spent a lot of time (and money) learning about keeping your babies healthy so utilize them whenever necessary.

From experience I have learned that there are some key things that you can do to cure a common cold in babies.  First thing you want to do is push the liquids to your baby in the form of breast milk or Pedialyte ®. Even if your little ones are on baby or table food, most likely they wont be interested in eating. For fevers baby acetaminophen usually does the trick. Make sure you read the dosage directions on the box prior to giving it to your babies. For a stubborn fever I alternate between baby ibuprofen and acetaminophen which has proven successful.

Colds usually come with the stuffy and/or runny noses. Little Remedies ® saline solution and a GOOD bulb syringe works great for clearing out mucus.  Once the mucus is out I suggest applying Vicks ®  BabyRub Ointment on their chests and under their nose. It’s mild eucalyptus scent mixed with lavender and rosemary, while soothing, is specially formulated for infants.

Most times colds come with coughs. Coughing  is the bodies way of ejecting mucus and most doctors don’t suggest giving cough medicine (depending on your babies age), but some relief can be given.  To help your babies breathe and provide relief while sleeping, place a humidifier by their cribs.  Also try propping your little loves in an up right position while sleeping. This can make breathing easier and may help them sleep longer especially if they are coughing. For older infants, I suggest Hylands Cough Syrup which is a natural medicine based on homeopathic principles and is effective. Ultimately I have found a nice warm bath, a good rub down,  Vicks® BabyRub and  infant acetaminophen (if necessary) along with an humidifier is the best way to relieve the symptoms of a cold.

I have learned babies are resilient creatures and usually bounce right back after a cold, but the routines you had in place don’t operate in the same fashion. You may have to slowly add food back into their diet and even help them get back on a decent sleep schedule. It may take a few days but at least the worse is over. You survived the dreaded cold!

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“To under-pack or over-pack that is the question”. In the beginning, you will feel like you are packing for a weekend trip every time you step out the house, but no worries the  load shall lighten as the months go by.

Initially you’ll be packing for unforeseen accidents. With that in mind you want to be prepared for almost ANYTHING.  Here are the essential items in my diaper bag;

  • diapers (I keep at least 1O diapers in my bag at a time)
  • diaper cream
  • diaper wipes
  • travel size baby wash
  • travel size baby lotion
  • travel size baby powder
  • washcloths (never know when you may have to wash on the go)
  •  A change a clothes with socks and onesies(two if your little ones are prone to spitting up)
  • baby acetaminophen (fevers can come at anytime)
  • hydrocortisone for rashes that may arise
  •  nursing cover and breast shields if breastfeeding
  • 2 burp cloths  per baby
  • 2 receiving blankets per baby
  • 2 bibs per baby
  • a sweater and a hat for both (climate is unpredictable these days)

I already know this is A LOT of stuff and your probably wondering what diaper bag can hold all these items. Babies r’ Us®  a wide assortment of larger diaper bags. I suggest the Heidi Klum’s Truly Scrumptious® line or Eddie Bauer® weekender bag.  These bags are larger, good quality and stylish. There are some other great bags out there as well, but these are my favorite.

Once you get a better handle on what your little ones will need, you can adjust your packing preparations. As mine got older, I dropped down to one burp cloth, receiving blanket and change of clothes. Now that they eat table food I carry 2 baby spoons and 2 containers of Gerber® baby food.

To lessen the amount of baggage (as though that’s possible), I suggest combining the essential items of your purse i.e wallet, keys and chapstick, into the diaper bag while on the go. It will lessen your load and its more convenient, convenience being the ultimate goal. You can always find other things to pack but remember to pack for necessity first.