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Walking Busy Bodies

Around a year, your little darlings will turn your world upside down with their new found motion; walking. As momentous as this is, unless you have baby proofed your house, you will be in for a wake up call. All the objects you thought your little angels couldn’t reach, you find in a matter of seconds their little hands have managed to grab.

They are now constantly on the move now quicker than ever.  Within a few weeks of their first steps they begin turning around, running, walking sideways and backwards. It was quite amazing how quickly my little ones took their first steps and actually began walking. My son began walking first and my daughter began walking a few days later ( She’s a little determined little diva and didn’t want to be left out of the fun).

From my experience with twins,  each baby reaches milestones individually, but  relatively close together. My son was better with gross motor skills and my daughter with fine motor skills, but within a couple weeks they were both were capable of the same actions, walking being no different.

It’s incredible watching my precious angels chase each other around the house and even outside. Now that they’ve learned how to walk they strive to be more independent wanting to get down more so they can explore what was previously unknown to them. This can be overwhelming when each baby decides to roam in opposite directions. From what I’ve learned, don’t put your little angel babies down in crowded places unless you have assistance, and when you do make sure you’re one step behind them because new found items still head straight to their mouths.  Knowing that my babies enjoy walking and running around, especially if a ball is involved, I bring them in the backyard or an enclosed area for them to run off their energy. They enjoy it and it makes for great sleepy twins when it comes to nap time.

As with anything,  when they begin walking and you feel that there may be a problem with their gate or stance make sure to consult a physician. It’s better to correct an issue early than wait for the issue to worsen,